Reopening May 15, 2020: Precautions for COVID-19

We hope everything went well with you and your family. It is a very tough time for our country. However, we have to face challenges. Our office has reopened starting on May 15, 2020 with regular hours. Please book your appointment accordingly. Please continue reading for the detailed precaution we have taken to protect you and our staff.

Our office is taking the following precautions:

  1. If you have been actively ill with a fever or persistent cough or any suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, please do not come into the office.
  2. We strongly recommend waiting in your car instead of the waiting area of our office. This will significantly reduce the chance of cross-infection and maintains social distancing. When you arrive at our parking lot for your appointment, please give us a call, we will let you come to our acupuncture or physical therapy room directly.
  3. Please have a mask on and carry a sanitizer to wash your hands before entering our office. We will also provide hand sanitizer after you enter our office.
  4. Please use a paper towel to touch the doorknob, elevator buttons, etc., for your entering our office and building. Please throw away the towel in our non-touch garbage can as soon as you enter our office.  
  5. We will disinfect all the acupuncture, physical therapy, front desk, office rooms, waiting area, high-touch surfaces and equipment with the sanitizer solution, and, more importantly, with 60 Watts UV light irradiation for a specific time, which will kill most of the virus and bacteria on the surface.
  6. Employees will continue their hand- sanitizing procedures between each patient.
  7. We suggest that you bring your own gown for the acupuncture treatment for safety. If you don’t have one, we, of course, will provide you with a single-use gown. We will also use a single-use towel.  
  8. All the employees will wear a surgical level 2 or higher grade mask, facial shield, gown, gloves, etc. to protect everybody.
  9. All patients and employees shall cover the occasional cough or sneeze and make use of our hand-sanitizer stations immediately afterward.

A look inside our current office:

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